Interested in a session? Rates for each type are included below.

Transformational Life Coaching:

Cost: $130 Session Length: 75 minutes

Transformational life coaching is an interactive session focused on removing blocks. Sessions typically include thought-provoking questions, activities and homework to reinforce the session goal.


Cost: $130 Session Length: 75 minutes

Hypnotherapy sessions involve a shortened life coaching session to identify the session goal, Q&A around the hypnotherapy process and a guided hypnotherapy experience. Each session concludes with a check-in on the experience and potential homework to reinforce the session goal.

Group Session (minimum of 4 people):

Cost: $33 per person (unless otherwise stated)
Session Length: 60 minutes

Want to give hypnotherapy a try, but aren't quite ready for an individual session? A group session is the perfect solution! In a group session, a general topic is addressed (i.e., stress reduction, increased self-esteem, removing blocks and obstacles, etc.). Participants identify a goal for the session and participate in a guided imagery exercise.

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