Heart to Soul Wellness offers Life Coaching sessions that include the use of Hypnotherapy, Yoga Nidra, NLP, EFT, Reiki and other healing modalities along with focused workshops all tailored to the individual or group. Sessions aid in propelling each person along their journey of self-discovery.

Life Coaching

People often ask, what is Life Coaching? Is it the same as going to a counselor/therapist? Although there are similarities, life coaching is focused on who you are now and who you want to be (i.e., the present and the future) versus spending a significant amount of time working through the past.

Guided Imagery Techniques


To some, hypnotherapy is a word of relaxation and life change. To others, hypnotherapy is a scary word. To ease the worry, we'll share that a hypnotherapist CANNOT force you to do anything you are unwilling to do. YOU, the client, have the control. You determine if you want to accept the suggestions being offered to you.

Yoga Nidra

Most haven't heard of Yoga Nidra. It's definitely worth trying though! To keep it simple, Yoga Nidra is a sleep-based meditation technique that's done lying down. If you've tried meditating and have struggled (your mind was too busy, you found sitting up to be uncomfortable, you didn't have the patience) then you'll love the ease of this technique.

Hypno with Reiki

Most have heard of Reiki, an energy healing technique that uses light touch, and all it's wonderful benefits; relaxation, stress and anxiety reduction, pain relief and so much more. What's different is how we use it! At Heart to Soul Wellness, you have the option to receive Reiki during your Guided Imagery (Hypnotherapy or Yoga Nidra) session. We'll guide you into a complete state of relaxation through Hypnosis/Yoga Nidra and deliver Reiki to balance the life force energy within the body (physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally).

While in this state of complete relaxation, we'll continue the Hypnotherapy process. Being in this altered state of consciousness allows the healing energy of Reiki to be more readily received. In addition, the Reiki healing assists with the acceptance of hypnotic suggestions offered during the session. An amazing experience that must be tried!

Regression Therapy

Regression to a younger self or a past life is a deep process that is available to those that have experienced Hypnotherapy/Yoga Nidra previously. In these 90-minute sessions, we dive into the subconscious mind to learn more about oneself. This process can be used to uncover the root of an issue, severing vows and contracts, addressing unexplained emotions, phobias, irrational fears, discovering one's life purpose and so much more.

Areas of Focus

Wondering what Life Coaching / Hypnotherapy sessions can do for you?

Here are some possibilities:

  • Identifying what you want to do/be when you grow up (even if you've already grown up)

  • Building confidence / self-esteem / worthiness

  • Overcoming co-dependency / fears / phobias / addictions / insomnia

  • Helping with trauma / PTSD / weight challenges / pain management

  • Setting healthy boundaries

  • Working through change (every kind)

  • Forgiving (yourself and others)

  • Letting go of control

  • Learning to manage ADD / ADHD / Busy Mind / Anxiety / Depression / Stress / Procrastination

  • Healing (Emotional, Mental, Physical, Energetic)

  • Through hypnosis: Age and/or Past Life Regression​

  • Truly, the list is endless.

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It's time to love yourself!

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