Tidbits from clients.

I have had an amazing energy-healing experience! I sat with ReNae Schramm for a one-hour hypnotherapy session. Because ReNae lives in Arizona the session was virtual, and honestly, I wasn't sure how that was going to work out. But, I must say, it turned out to be very powerful. More so than I thought possible, and I'm no stranger to hypnosis.

Some people just have a gift. ReNae's calm and confident voice led me thru an interactive experience where we were able to calm my fiery overworked solar plexus with a good soaking of bright blue ocean water. It was exactly what I needed and it seemed the effects of the session lasted for a number of days - I had many new relevant insights which I can only attribute to ReNae's therapy.

The last few years have been hard. I highly recommend ReNae for my friends who are in need of some self-care, energy healing, or just some TLC and an hour of tranquility.

-Lisa M.

ReNae is a wonderful life coach and hypnotherapist! She is so calm and grounded, just being in her presence serves to calm and ground her clients as well. ReNae provides a safe, healing environment, while asking questions that go right to the heart of the issue. I have had so many insights and much healing through our hypnosis work together. I highly recommend ReNae for both life coaching and hypnotherapy.

​​​-Vera S.

I had my first hypnotherapy with Renae and she was outstanding. She explained the process and made me feel very comfortable. The hypnotherapy made me realize the impact an event in my childhood has had throughout my life, I now have the confidence to move past it.

​-Maria E.

ReNae is very perceptive and listens with an open heart to her client and her intuition. She has helped me so much. She is such a kind, and caring, soul. I think working with her can be life changing.

​-Jennifer W.

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