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ReNae Ione - owner/founder of Heart to Soul Wellness. 

ReNae Ione (Schramm) CHt Owner/Founder
Picture taken with her life partner at Horseshoe Bend.

In life, we all want to change, but oftentimes we don’t know how. We try this diet or that diet or this technique or that one. We hear tips and tricks from our friends, our doctors, we read things online or hear things on TV. And sometimes, something piques our interest enough that we google it or maybe we even reach out to get more info. And maybe that is what brought you here today.

In my life’s journey, I was codependent and supporting an alcoholic. Enabling him. Making excuses for him. Hoping that one day, the person I fell in love with, the person I married, would come back around. And somewhere through that journey, I lost myself. I became easily manipulated. I became an introvert. I didn’t share my life with others because I was embarrassed.

My driving force was my daughter. I stayed in that unhealthy, dysfunctional marriage a long time because I wasn’t sure how to get out. Her safety and mine was imperative. I drew up divorce papers four years before I had the courage to move forward. In that four-year time frame, I saw a therapist, did EMDR, attended a codependency group (and became codependent on that). I worked hard to find myself again. Little by little, I did just that.

There were things that happened along my life journey that I didn’t expect and didn’t want. Looking back, I am grateful for those experiences because they influenced changes that I cherish today.

One of those changes was losing my job of 16 years to a workforce reduction. I had to make some hard decisions and overcome my mental challenges and beliefs. That unwanted change provided me an opportunity though. I had time to learn about things I am now so passionate about… energy healing, life coaching, hypnotherapy, Yoga Nidra and all the various alternative therapies that exist! Ultimately, that unwanted experience changed my life.  

As I was learning, I was healing. I overcame a lot in a short amount of time. Having seen a counselor for years and thinking I had done all the work on myself that I needed to, experiencing so many epiphanies was amazing. My learning journey was profound to say the least.   

One piece I was surprised to learn is the benefit guided imagery (hypnotherapy/Yoga Nidra) has regardless of the state of trance you achieve. Some sessions can be deep with no recollection, and some are light with complete awareness. It doesn’t matter. Shifts still happen! They might be gradual, but they might also be FAST. And while you’re shifting and changing, you’re enjoying complete relaxation. Everyone loves to relax!

So, with all that, I want to congratulate you for clicking on this link today. For taking time out for you and for being curious about life coaching, breathwork, energy healing, guided imagery and all the wonderful alternative therapies that exist out there. I do hope you find your way, find the answers you are seeking, create the change you are wanting and I would love to assist you along your path to J.O.Y. (the Journey Of You). 

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